The Chemical Effect

Coronavirus does not seem to be leaving us anytime soon. The Pandemic is affecting every part of human life – economy, social life, work-life, and what not? Medical experts are trying at their level best, but the virus has already caused a rampage.

Disinfecting, sterilizing, vaccination processes are being done in every possible way but according to a recent report from WHO (World Health Organization), it has warned that the excessive use of disinfecting chemicals is affecting the environment a lot, and the most surprising thing is that excess use of chemical disinfectants is not effective for killing coronavirus. So, what is the point of such practices? “PurSolutions Surface Shield is the answer through a 14-day Protection killing at 99.9% and is Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free” not harmful to people or the environment.


Effects on Humans

The effect of the disinfectants on the environment varies upon the chemical composition. For example, spraying chlorine and chlorinated disinfectant can irritate the eyes as well as the skin. It can also cause gastrointestinal injuries.

Disinfectants can also cause psychological effects alongside the physical effects on humans. Some symptoms and side effects when you encounter disinfectants are asthma, headache, nausea, etc.

Effects on Animals and Plants

According to NCBI, excessive use of disinfectants can affect urban wildlife. Some of the above-mentioned chemicals are harmful to animals also, for example, phenols are harmful to cats and dogs.

According to National Geographic, 135 animals and birds from 17 species of wildlife died in China due to the excessive spraying of disinfectants in the environment. Many disinfectants can inhibit the growth of plants and affect their fertilization process.