Who is PurSolutions Group?

Bonnie and I started PurSolutions Group through many connections God provided, leading us to Surface Shield and the birth of PurSolutions Group LLC. Our focus is on real-life concerns about chemical use in our everyday lives and the harmful effects of chemicals on people and our environment. We also saw Surface Shield as a solution to aid in the staffing challenges companies faced because of the changing need to disinfect facilities so often throughout each workday. Surface Shield is a mechanical kill lasting 14 days, saving time disinfecting and cutting payroll and supply costs. We want to be the leaders in creating non-toxic, chemical-free environments that will change the unhealthy effects of chemicals on our families and the world.

Our Brand Promise is to provide non-toxic, chemical-free disinfectants and cleaners that will change how you clean. Our products are safe for all People, Pets, Plants, and the Environment.

-Sincerely, Mark and Bonnie Rutherford

Our Invite to You

Join the Non-Toxic Chemical-Free Revolution of PurSolutions Group and let us unite in changing our world! Together we will create healthy environments for our children to learn and play in. We will create healthy environments for patients to receive medical care and heal in. We will create healthy buildings for workers to return to and feel safe. We will create healthy environments as we travel on planes, trains or automobiles for work or play. Join us in this revolution of replacing harmful chemicals which are negatively affecting people and the environment.

Our Core Values


Doing the right thing even when it goes against the norm.


We challenge ourselves to see what’s possible and think of creative ways to solve challenges


Jesus as our identity & we serve others, care about others and support our community and beyond through prayer and giving