Creating a Non-Toxic Healthy Environment

PurSolutions will change the way disinfecting and cleaning are done and
create healthy work environments

“14 Day Conclusion: The findings of Sanders Laboratories shows that PurSolutions Surface Shield keeps actively killing pathogens at an average rate of 99.9% inside and 99.5% outside for up to fourteen (14) days after PurSolutions Surface Shield has been applied to a surface. Further, the study shows even after PurSolutions Surface Shield was applied to the surface, and then the surface was washed…”

We are focused on creating healthy living environments and changing lives each day

Our mission was to create a novel 100% natural treatment to kill 99.9% of germs on contact. The traditional mode of action to combat the transmission of harmful microorganisms on surfaces is to attack the germs with varying degrees of toxic chemicals, resulting in a “chemical kill.” Therefore, this traditional method is often harmful to humans, animals, and plants. Unlike those conventional methods, when a surface is coated with PurSolutions Surface Shield, millions of “invisible” Silver Ions begin bonding (with the surface), effectively forming a shielded surface, resulting in a “Mechanical Kill.”

  • 100% All Natural “Green Technology”
  • Zero harsh chemicals
  • Safe for all surfaces